Check the support of your graphics card to support Apple’s Video Decode Acceleration framework and play h264 content with hardware acceleration.

Weather Station

My homemade arduino based weather station with various sensors on a breadboard.


Developing driver and OEM SDK for FPGA based professional PCIe video boards. This SDK is available for all major operating systems (Linux, Windows and Mac OS X).

Developed hybrid software and hardware JPEG 2000 de-/encode accelerator board.

Integrated hardware based RSA de-/encryption solution for creation of encrypted DCI packages for Digital Cinema.

Developing a 40GB/s SMPTE 2110 uncompressed Video-over-IP solution with up to 4K resolution.


Master thesis UBICOMM 2014 (english) Uncertainty Aware Hybrid Clock Synchronisation in Wireless Sensor Networks

Master thesis (german) Zeitsynchronisation für verteilte drahtlose Sensornetze mit topologiebasierter Unschärfe

Bachelor thesis (german) Einfluss von Umweltfaktoren und Schweißzusammensetzung auf die Alterung latenter Fingerspuren unter Nutzung eines chromatischen Weißlicht (CWL) Sensors und der Schwellwertbinarisierung